2014 Indiana SWAT Challenge Round Count

Ammo count for team shooting events:

Snipers-  3 rounds
Hand guns-  300 rounds
Long guns-  100
* This number is for the entire team, NOT per person.

Ammo count for individual events:

Glock Long Distance Pistol Shootout - ammo provided by Federal
Three-man Lumberjack Challenge -  bring as much as you think three people will need to shoot through a 4x4” wood pole  (200 rounds suggested)
Sniper Challenge-  20 rounds
Obstacle Course-  no rounds needed


Procedural Violations: (30 seconds per violation). A Procedural Violation is any action that does not comply with procedures set forth in the general or specific event rules. Such as but not limited to:
•    Carrying Gas masks loose or partially donned on the head...
•    Leaving any equipment on course, including broken equipment. Only spent round casings, miss-fires or empty ammo magazines may be left on the range.
•    Failure of one or more team members to enter a hold box area…
•    Leaving a position or holding box without all teammates being inside of the box…
•    Failure to move the cans before drawing weapon to shoot, failure to move can back after holstering weapon when done shooting and/or moving both feet out of the designated shooting area before returning can to its original position.
•    Failure to holster weapon and engage required safety mechanism on holster prior to breaking the 180 degree plane before leaving the designated shooting area. This does not include a live weapon that has not been cleared by an official.
•    Charging a weapon in a shooting lane before moving designated cans…
•    Charging a weapon before being in a designated shooting lane or area…
•    Shooting across designated shooting lanes
•    Failure to engage a weapon’s manufactured safety mechanism…
•    Failure to holster weapon or make it safe prior to moving the cans back to their original positions. .
•    Failure to engage or use safety devices on holsters…
•    Carrying, loading, or firing too many rounds. Exceeding maximum number of rounds allotted for course.
•    Failure to wear required eye and ear protection during the entire course.

Major Safety Violation: (Last Place plus 30 seconds). A Major Safety Violation creates an imminent threat/risk to anyone in attendance. Such as but not limited to:
•    Breaking the 180-degree plane or violating the Laser Safety Rule prior to leaving the designated shooting area. This includes a live weapon that has not been cleared by the official.
•    Any weapon not pointed down range during charging, firing, unloading, un-holstering and or holstering…
•    Cross fire rule…If any team members proceed in front of the any team member or members that are engaged in the act of shooting…   
•    An accidental discharge…
•    Dropping any loaded or unloaded weapon during the course of the event.
•    Carrying a weapon in an unsafe manor during the course or any other inappropriate weapons handling…
•    Missed Handgun/Long Gun Penalty: (30 seconds per miss)
•    Missed Sniper/Observer Penalty (120 seconds per miss)
•    4 minute bonus will be added to the sniper shot for a head “hit”. This bonus will be for the event “Uncle Scotty’s Revenge”.
•    Judges will be in RED shirts (all questions directed to him/her). Head Judge will have final say
•    All appeals must be addressed by team captain prior to the next event


Chariots of Fire

All five team members will begin at the start/finish line on the NE corner of the go-cart track. Each team will have an 8’ section of utility pole for this event. On “Go” four team members will pick up the pole and the fifth person will climb onto the pole. The four team members will carry their teammate approx. 100 yards to the entrance of the shooting range. Once the team reaches their appropriate team box they will lower the log and let the rider off. The team will then place the log on the ground- NO dropping the log! From that point three team members will run to their designated shooting lanes in the main shooting range and the other two members will climb the stairs and go to their designated shooting lanes in the pit. Once each shooter reaches their shooting lane they will load a magazine of nine rounds into their weapon and engage their targets. Targets will be announced the day of the competition. When the shooter is done shooting they will drop their magazine, place their weapon on safe (if applicable) then sling or holster an empty weapon. Once the shooter is deemed safe by the judge that shooter will run back to their team’s log and wait until all five shooters are in the box. When all five members have returned to the log four team members will pick up the log and carry the fifth member back to the start/finish line. Time stops when the log crosses the line.

In this event three team members will shoot long guns and two will shoot hand guns.

Penalties: If the person being carried on the pole touches the ground while the team is moving to or from the range it will be a 30 second penalty. At that point, the rider will be allowed to use the ground to regain his/her balance. Once the team starts moving again any further action of touching the ground will be another 30 second penalty.

Road Rage

Teams of five start in the FOP parking lot by the long driveway.  After the first team begins this event a new team will start every sixty (60) seconds.  On “Go” the team will run down the driveway then turn right and run to Memorial Drive.  Once there, the team will turn around and run north on Butterfield Road to the railroad tracks.  After reaching the railroad tracks runners will turn around again and run back to the start/finish line at the FOP.  Once all five team members cross the finish line their time will stop.

At different intervals during the run each team will be required to stop and perform different tasks.  The tasks will be either mental or physical in nature.  The number of tasks and specific details of each task will be announced at the team leaders meeting prior to the event starting.

A running clock will be kept during this event.  A team’s starting position will determine how many minutes will be deducted from the overall running clock to determine that team’s raw rime.  Ex: If a team is the 10th team in the starting order then ten minutes will be deducted from the running clock once they finish to determine that team’s time.

The run will be the only event in the Indiana SWAT Challenge in which competitors will be allowed to wear shorts, t-shirts and athletic shoes (if they desire).

Penalties:  If a team does not complete one of the specified tasks along the route that team will be assessed a five minute penalty for each task not performed properly.  Officials will be located at each station to monitor teams.  The official’s decision at each station is final!

Team 6

A sniper from each team will start this event on the 100 yard birm, proned out with their rifles on safe, bolt back and one round in their hand.  Remaining team members will be staged outside the range in their team’s box.  On “Go” each sniper will have 30 seconds to load and fire one round into their target.  If snipers do not get their round off in the allotted time their team will incur a two minute penalty.  After shooting, snipers will put their rifles on safe with bolt back.  Snipers will then wait to join their team inside the main shooting range at the conclusion of the event. 

After the second sniper has fired his round the official at the team box will yell “Go” and each team’s time will start.  Both teams of four will then run into the range to their next team box (located near the flag pole).  Once all four team members are in that box the first shooter will run to his shooting lane, pick up a 40mm gas gun from the table, load and fire one round at the target.  After shooting the gas gun the shooter will put the gun on safe and place it back on the table, then run back to his/her team box.  Once the first shooter is in the box the second shooter will run to their shooting lane, load the 12 ga. shotgun and engage their target (1 round with a slug).  After shooting the shotgun the shooter will put the weapon on safe and leave the slide in the open position before putting the gun back on the table.  After placing the shotgun back on the table the shooter will run back to their team’s box.  Once that shooter is in the box the third shooter will run to their shooting lane and retrieve their long gun from the table.  The shooter will load one magazine of six rounds and engage their target.  Targets for this stage will be Osama Bin Laden, and all six rounds must hit his face to be counted as hits.  After firing, the shooter will make the weapon safe, remove the magazine and lock the bolt to the rear.  The shooter will then place the long gun and magazine back on the table and run back to their team’s box.  Once the shooter is in the box the last shooter will run downrange to his shooting lane.  The shooter will pick up a handgun and engage his target with six rounds.  After firing, the shooter will lock the slide to the rear, remove the magazine then place the weapon and magazine on the table.  The shooter will then sprint back to the team box.  Once all five team members are in the box, including the sniper, the team’s time will stop. 

Weapon assignment for competitors will be randomly drawn prior to each team taking the course (except the sniper). 

Teams will be allowed to use their own weapons during this event.  If you do not have any of the mandatory weapons one will be provided for you.

The Money Shot (DP)

This event starts on the north end of the obstacle course with one person from each team battling his opponent on the dueling tree.  Each shooter will have three fully loaded magazines for the dueling tree competition (no extended mags!).  On “Go” the shooters will load a magazine and begin firing.  The first shooter to move all of their metal plates to the other side wins.  The judge’s decision is final!  A 30 second bonus will be awarded to the winning shooter’s team at the end of this event.  If both shooters run out of ammo or no winner is declared during the competition the match is a draw and no bonus time is awarded.

When the dueling tree is finished the five-person team will get in their team box.  On “Go” the sniper for each team will run over the birm into the pit.  Snipers will then run up the next birm to their final shooting location (proned out facing north) and remain there until the rest of the team completes their part of the event.  After the other four shooters complete their course and the ‘all clear’ is given the sniper will load one round into their rifle and shoot downrange at a silver dollar (approx. 100 yds.).  Once the sniper fires his round he will clear the rifle, engage the safety and open the bolt.  Once the sniper has been deemed clear by the official time will stop.

Once the sniper has left the original team box and is on top of the first birm the remaining four team members will be given the order to put on their gas masks.  Once all four team members have their gas masks on each team will grab their clank and run up the same birm the snipers ran over.  Once at the top of the birm the teams drop their clank and run down to the middle of the pit and pick a shooting lane on their team’s side.  Shooters will move their can and engage their targets.  Three shooters will shoot clay pigeons and one shooter will shoot a hostage-taker paper target.  Each shooter will shoot six rounds with the handgun only during this event.  After each shooter has shot their six rounds they will drop an empty magazine, show clear to the official and holster an empty weapon.  The shooter will then move the can back to its original position.  Only after ALL FOUR shooters have moved their can back to its original position will they be allowed to leave the firing line and climb back up the hill to retrieve their clank.  Once the last team member is on top of the hill where the clank was staged the sniper will be given the signal to load and fire his round.  Teams must be in control of their clank while going back down the hill- throwing the clank down the hill will result in a procedural penalty for the violating team. 

Snipers will not be required to run back to the start/finish line after firing their money shot.

Uncle Scotty’s Revenge

A sniper from each team starts at the SWAT truck by the softball field.  Both snipers will be standing on top of the SWAT truck with their rifles grounded at their feet.  On “Go” the snipers will prone out and fire one round at the B-27 target from an unknown distance.  Snipers will have 30 seconds to get their round off.  If the sniper does not get their round off in the 30 second time period his team will incur a two minute penalty.  Center mass shots inside the 8 ring will be considered a hit for this shot.  If snipers complete a qualified head shot their team will be awarded a four (4) minute bonus for this event.  After both snipers have fired their round they will put their rifles on safe and climb down off the truck.  Snipers will run to the start/finish line to wait for their other teammates to finish the course.

While the snipers are taking their shots the remaining four teammates will be staged at the start/finish line.  After the second sniper shot is fired both teams will be released by the official and time will start.  The teams of four will be required to carry one 8’ utility pole and one clank the first 100 yards toward the range, then sprint the remaining distance.  All team members will stop on the firing line and engage their targets, six clay pigeons.  Shooters can load and begin shooting as soon as they reach the firing line and may leave when they are done shooting as soon as they have dropped their empty magazine, slung or holstered an empty weapon and been cleared by the official.

When team members stop to pick up the utility pole and clank on the way back all four members must be together before the items can be picked up.  At that point, one of the four shooters will be designated as a “man down” by the official.  The remaining three members will be required to get their injured teammate, the log and the clank to the start/finish line in order for their time to stop.  Snipers may not assist other teammates with carrying the clank, pole or ‘man down’.  Once all five team members are together at the start/finish line, along with the clank and utility pole, the team’s time will stop.

A five minute penalty will be given to any team whose ‘man down’ is seen assisting the person carrying him/her.  The official’s decision is final!

Two team members will shoot hand guns and two will shoot long guns in this event.

Wild West Shootout

Bring a hearty appetite and a lot of ammo!  Details of this event will be given at the Team Leaders meeting prior to running the event.

Team Obstacle Course

The team obstacle course is the final event of the Indiana SWAT Challenge and is always a crowd favorite.  This spectator-friendly event challenges competitors mentally and physically and is frequently referred to as, “the longest four minutes of my life!”  The obstacle course is a 12 stage frenzy that tests competitors upper body strength, stamina, fear of heights and ability to work together as a team.  Train hard and good luck.